Our Experience

Snyder Kearney, LLC provides independent due diligence services to broker-dealers and registered investment advisors.  Snyder Kearney’s principals have been actively engaged in providing due diligence services since 2001, and many of its employees have been working together as a team for a number of years.

The heart of Snyder Kearney’s practice is performing in-depth, multi-disciplinary due diligence that is documented through comprehensive, confidential due diligence reports for our clients. These reports consist of an in-depth review and analysis of the target securities offerings and their sponsors.  Consistent with regulatory requirements and expectations, offerings are reviewed when first launched and then on an ongoing basis, typically quarterly.

Snyder Kearney currently has more than 100 broker-dealer and registered investment advisor clients, and reviews public and private offerings involving a range of structures and strategies.  The firm and its staff have reviewed hundreds of offerings involving many billions of dollars of capital raised, and at any given time is engaged to review dozens of offerings on both an initial and ongoing basis.